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    Security windows 


    As well as our range of security doors, "Skydas" designs and manufactures other security home furnishings including security windows. Your home is only as secure as all its most vulnerable points after all, so we have expanded our remit to ensure that every point of entry and exit is as safe and reliable as a "Skydas" security door. Our security windows are fixed into your home with the same heavy duty framing technology we use on our doors, and may be ordered as bulletproof.

    Our bulletproof windows are tested to withstand the impact of 9mm handgun shells fired from close range. We fit our Premium Security Door with this bulletproof glass too. The bulletproof window may be specified for individual areas of your home or we can come up with a total external and internal security solution featuring our security windows and doors at key pints throughout the house.

    The internal parts of our bulletproof windows and security windows are manufactured from the highest quality steel and other metals. The window frame is fixed into the window frame hole using steel bolts protected in sheaths to prevent easy cutting. The window lock works by activating heavy duty steel rods that slide up into steel encased ports in the frame. The glass is unbreakable unless it is hit by heavy fire from artillery greater than its security rating guarantees it for.

    Our security windows are thoroughly tested for their ability to withstand gunshots, extreme force and extremes of temperature. The bulletproof windows fitted to our Premium security doors are able to withstand as much as 1,000 Degrees Celsius and will rebuff fire as part of a fire rated door for as long as 45 minutes.

    "Skydas" Security is committed to the total security of your home, from the elements and noise as well as from potential intruders. As such the security windows provided by "Skydas" Security offer outstanding heat transfer coefficient figures as well as excellent insulation from the noise of the world outside! "Skydas" bulletproof windows will improve the heatperformance and energy conservation efficiency of your home noticeably and can keep intrusive noise at bay to a much greater degree than a non security rated window.

    For a total "Skyas" security solution including security doors, security windows and panic room design, you can contact on 087 2769713, or email us to
    If you email us and would like to provide a phone number and convenient time at which to call, we will call you back.

    All "Skydas" security windows and bulletproof windows are fitted by approved technicians who have been extensively trained in the high tech nature of our equipment. We fit security windows and bulletproof windows all over the world.

    We will be delighted to provide you with a free estimate for the cost of designing and installing a bespoke security windows solution for all or part of your property.