Unique security unit

The additional unique security unit

In the pursuit of increased door safety, SHIELD developed and patented (2002-08-26) a door protection unit enabling safe opening of the door, and protecting against undesirable intrusion.There are many door protection units in the world enabling safe and secure entrance.
One of the most popular is the door chain with one end fastened to the door panel and another to the casing. But these chain type door protection units or latches are visible and easily accessible from the outside. When the door is slightly open, there may be attempts of cutting such a chain, or otherwise overcoming such an obvious protection. In addition, the arrangements of these similar structures are detrimental to the appearance of the door.Taking into consideration these defects, we developed a more advanced device for protection.

Our door protection unit is installed in the internal cavity of the door panel, therefore it is invisible. The door panel is connected with the casing not by a chain but with metal bars sliding into respective openings in the bottom and top of the casing. It significantly increases the door resistance against external forces, and in cases where there are attempts of forced door opening. The tests of breaking the door protection unit carried out in the laboratory of building structures and materials of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University demonstrated that the deformation of metal bars only begins when when the continiuos load at the lock exceeds 530 kg.